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Sunday Mornin Comin Down

Rules About My Graphics:

I usually don't care that much about credit for my icons, but starting today I'm going to make it a MUST for credit, after finding all of my stuff over in Xanga. MY ICONS ARE MADE FOR LJ USERS, IF I WANTED MY STUFF IN CRAPPY XANGA LAND, I'D HAVE A SHITTY XANGA JOURNAL! Sadly that means I will not be posting any more icons in any communities, seeing as this is just such an annoyance-so make sure you add this journal to your friends list so you can see the updates. If I find out that anyone is still taking my stuff and posting it in Xanga, it will be dealt with.

Opening Soon! Come join!

Walk The Line mood theme courtesy of the rockin southsidesister

This is my icon/graphics journal. I'll be posting only icons or graphics I've made, I have a personal journal for my personal life. Here you can find icons, bases, headers, and friends only banners-for now. Requests will only be taken when a post has been made, so please don't leave comments asking for icons-I would love to take requests anytime but unfortunately I don't have to time to keep up requests. Also hotlinking is NOT cool, so don't do it. It eats up bandwidth, and when that happens you and I won't get to see the pretty. If you want something save it to your own computer and host it in one of the many free image hosting sites (i.e. Imageshack, Photobucket, Tinypic, etc)

What kinds of things will you find here? Graphics relating to anything found in my interests. It will be a whole mish mosh of fandoms, so if ya wanna check it out friend me!

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